Who Are We?

We're Parents

We have small kids and want to bring them to events that will be fun for the whole family.

We're A Military Family

We move. A lot. And every time we move we have to find a new everything. Our lifetsyle is our inspiration for creating opportunities to connect with the local community. 

We Want To Have Fun

As parents with small children we know the only way for us to have fun is to make sure the kids are having a great time, too! Our pop up parties are much more intercative than your standard expo or vendor fair. 

We Know the Struggle

Loading the car. Gathering jackets and shoes. Packing enough diapers. Finding the sippy cups. We'll make sure our events are worth your effort- because we know what it takes to get out of the house. 

We Shop Small

We want to support the SAHM with the small, crafty business she's built during nap time and after bedtime. We want to help promote the working mother who is ready to leave her job and run her business full-time. And we want to connect local families with the small businesses they might not have heard about, yet. 

We Know We Need a Village

Parenting is better when we do it together. Play dates, story times, pop-up parties...you name it. Meet Your Village is about just that- getting to know your neighbors. We're in this together.